Ramakrishna Math, Kalpathar is a sub-centre of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama, Bankura.

A piece of land had been donated by a devoted family of Kalpathar village to Ramakrishna Math, Bankura. On that land in 2003 Kalpathar Math was established. Ramakrishna temple was made on a small scale where daily puja and evening Arati prayer takes place. One small building used as a doctor’s chamber, to big halls used as coaching centre accommodation has been made. Kalpataru Utsav is celebrated there during 1st week of January in a big way with various festivities for four days. Around 150 students both boys and girls up to class VIII get an education at coaching with free daily meals, uniforms, school bags and study materials, winter dress, etc. Nearby poor villagers get free medical treatment with medicine once a week through the mobile medical unit. Every year medical camp is arranged in a big way with a panel of doctors, technicians, and medicine.